Roshea Women Facial Soap


Roshea 100% Organic Facial Soap for women. Formulated with a cleansing base and enriched with nourishing Shea Butter. Non-irritating suitable for women.




Featured Ingredients

Organic Shea Butter

Rich in fatty acids and unsaponifiable, Shea Butter is an ideal beauty ingredient that has been used for centuries by women in Sub-saharan Africa to nourish and protect their skin and hair.



Organic Rosemary

Known for its invigorating and refreshing fragrance properties, With its powerful disinfectant and antibiotic properties, the herb can help to treat acne and oily skin conditions. When massaged into the face, rosemary blended Roshea can help lightens dark spots and blemishes on the skin resulting in an improved skin complexion. Anti-inflammatory properties of rosemary extract help to reduce swelling and puffiness of the skin. It also helps to heal burns and soothe the skin. This herb’s medicinal qualities makes it a powerful cure for chronic skin conditions including dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis.

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